Mechanical engineering

We are specialists in the field of CNC machining, 3D design and construction of special machines.
We cooperate with manufacturing companies, the tool industry and individual customers.

Precision metalworking

We are a company specializing in precision metalworking. We offer services in the field of turning, milling, drilling and grinding of various types of metals. Our modern machines and a qualified team of employees guarantee high quality of services and accuracy of workmanship. We act quickly and efficiently, adapting to the individual needs of each client.

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Precision machining

Milling, Turning, Grinding (flat, cylindrical)


3D design and prototypes

3D models and construction of machines using Proengineer and NX Cam software


Serial and individual production

Metal and plastic processing


Precise measurements

Tolerance down to one micron

The highest quality

Turning, milling
and grinding


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Metalworking Wroclaw

We are pleased to present our offer of metalworking services provided in Wrocław. We are an experienced company with many years of experience in the metallurgical industry and modern machinery, which allows us to provide high quality of our services.

Our services include:

Laser cutting: We have modern laser cutting machines that enable precise and accurate cutting of various types of metals, such as stainless steel, aluminum, copper and many others. Our technology allows for complex patterns and patterns, as well as cutting in various thicknesses and shapes.

Bending and shaping: We also have machines for bending and shaping metal, which allow us to make various types of elements, such as bending, rolling, stamping and forming. Our precise bending technology allows us to achieve the desired shapes and dimensions.

Welding: We have a qualified team of welders who have appropriate certificates and experience in welding various types of metals. We perform MIG, TIG and spot welding, ensuring durable and solid connections.

Machining: Our services also include machining, including turning, milling, drilling and threading. We have modern CNC machines that enable precise and repeatable execution of various types of elements and details.

Surface Finishing: We also offer surface finishing services such as grinding, polishing, powder coating and galvanizing. Thanks to this, we can provide an aesthetic appearance and additional protection of metal elements.

Assembly and packaging: As part of our offer, we also provide assembly and packaging services for the manufactured elements. Our team of specialists will ensure professional assembly of finished products and quality control.

We assure you that we perform our services with the highest precision, taking care of individual customer requirements and timely implementation. We work with both individual clients and companies from various industries.

We cordially invite you to use our metalworking services. We guarantee a professional approach, competitive prices and satisfaction with the effects of our work.

For more information or to submit an inquiry, please contact us by phone or e-mail. Our team is ready to answer any questions and advise you in choosing the most appropriate solutions.

We are pleased to present our offer of machine building services, provided in Wrocław and the surrounding area. We are an experienced company specializing in the design, construction and implementation of machines for various needs and industries. Thanks to our commitment, technical knowledge and a team of qualified engineers, we can implement even the most complex projects.

Our offer includes:

Machine design: Our experienced engineers work with you to thoroughly understand your requirements and goals. Then we create comprehensive machine designs that take into account the latest trends and technological innovations. Our goal is to provide you with machines optimally suited to your needs.

Construction and prototyping: We have advanced technological facilities that enable us to carry out construction processes and prototyping of machines. Thanks to this, we can provide you with high quality and adaptation of machines to specific requirements and technical parameters.

Assembly and commissioning: Our team of specialists also takes care of the assembly of machines at the customer’s site and their commissioning. We provide full technical support and training for staff to ensure smooth operation of machines and optimal use of their capabilities.

Modernization and adaptation: We offer modernization services for existing machines and adapting them to new requirements and standards. Thanks to our approach, we have the opportunity to introduce technical improvements, increase efficiency and improve the functionality of existing devices.

Service and maintenance: We provide comprehensive service and maintenance of machines to maintain their efficiency and reliability for many years. Our service team is available in the event of a breakdown and also offers regular technical inspections and preventive maintenance.

We guarantee that our machines are made with the highest precision and in accordance with the latest quality standards. Our company is fully committed to customer satisfaction, which is why we focus on an individual approach, timely implementation and competitive prices.

Feel free to contact us to discuss your needs and propose the best solutions in the field of mechanical engineering. Our team of experts is ready to support your project from concept to final product.

Wire EDM, also known as EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining), is an advanced method of material processing that enables precise cutting and forming of hard-to-reach shapes. The Wire EDM Wrocław company offers wire EDM services in the Wrocław region.

The services offered by Wire EDM Wrocław include:

Wire erosion: Uses special machines equipped with a conductive wire that is electrically driven. Through controlled electrical discharges between the wire and the workpiece, it is possible to precisely cut details of complex shapes.

Mold and die machining: Wire erosion is particularly useful for mold and die machining, which is used in the foundry, molding and toolmaking industries. Thanks to the precision and the ability to cut complex shapes, you can create high-quality molds and dies.

Prototyping: Wire EDM is also used for prototyping and low-volume production of components. Thanks to this technology, elements of various shapes and sizes can be cut quickly and accurately.

Repairs and renovations: Wire erosion can be used to repair or restore damaged or worn components. This process allows you to restore elements to their original state or adapt them to new requirements.

Wire EDM Wrocław provides high quality services, using modern machines and experienced staff. The company is able to meet various customer needs, from small prototype projects to large production series.

If you need precise cutting of components with complex shapes or repair of damaged parts, Wire EDM Wrocław may be the perfect choice. Contact them for more information about their services, capabilities and costs.


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