Our philosophy

The operating philosophy of our company is based on several key principles and values that guide our actions and influence the way we conduct business.

Our top priority is high quality and precision in our products and services. We emphasize the use of advanced technologies, the excellent skills of our staff, and rigorous quality control procedures to ensure that every component we produce meets the highest standards.

We place great emphasis on an individual approach to each customer because we understand that every customer has unique needs and expectations. We work closely with the customer to understand their requirements and deliver solutions tailored to their specific needs. Customer partnership is a priority for us.

We are focused on innovation and continuous improvement. We strive to develop our processes, technologies, and skills. We invest in research and development, monitor industry trends, and seek new solutions.

Timeliness is crucial for us, so we carefully plan and manage our time to deliver products and services according to established schedules. We are also flexible and ready to adapt to any changes and sudden customer needs.

Our philosophy

We specialize in CNC machining, 3D design, and the construction of special-purpose machines.

Our history

Our company, founded in 1958, has consistently delivered the highest quality products to the end customer.


We are a trusted partner of many well-known manufacturing companies such as LG, Bosch, US Pharmacia Mondelez, Alstom, and Sonko.


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